About Us

Wonder sparks imagination. It’s in a cardboard box, a muddy puddle or seeing an elephant for the first time. It’s colouring outside of the lines or your first time at the deep end. It’s working it out. Wonder is what’s over the fence. It’s licking the bowl. It’s pulling a face and hoping it doesn’t stick. It’s sandcastles, sprinklers and bubble bath beards. It’s how far can I jump and why is the sky blue? Wonder is important. It’s what makes us, us. We started Wonderers to provide children with the warmth, comfort and inspiration to seek out more.

Wonderers makes childrenswear for 3 to 10 year olds. We’re three friends based in London combining our creative experience to make something special. Lily designs luxury knitwear and has worked for the likes of McQ, Burberry and Marc Jacobs, Verity works for the British Fashion Council and Kevin curates an annual exhibition that combines music and art for good causes, called Secret 7”.

All our knits are made in the UK using 100% natural fibres. No blends, just quality knitwear from yarns selected for their warmth and comfort.

Our first collection mixes traditional British knits with an element of fun, by using pop colours and playful stitches. These special pieces look great with the sleeves rolled up, as slightly oversized or fitted. They are designed to last, from sibling to sibling or from friend to friend.

Our collections will be inspired by great Wonderers. For AW17 we’ve focused on Charles & Ray Eames and Ken Garland, design heroes who recognised the importance of children’s play and epitomise the power of wonder.

Discover our stockists and the benefits of wool.

You can contact us at - info@wonderers.co.uk